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Adding the finishing touch

Adding the finishing touches to a room is my most requested interior design question and appointment. Putting the core things together like a rug, sofa and chair can be pretty easy, but when you start to add lighting, accessories and art, the decisions get a bit more complicated.

I recently read about an amazing designer, Kelly Carter. I loved her ideas and thoughts on adding the finishing touch to a space. Making an interior more interesting, or drawing someone into the space is all about adding a color or object that is drizzled around the space and leads you forward. Could it be all you need to add is a color or gallery to a wall to create the feeling of being invited into a room?

Let’s explore these ideas:

The inviter - Something that catches you eye or draws you into the room. It can be a color, art, accessory or rug. This is the element that starts the interest.

The cozy-fier - Something that makes you want to stay in the room or space. This is the element like a soft throw or a cozy chair that makes you want to curl up and stay.

The eye lifter - The detail that leads the eye around the room, like a gallery wall, amazing overhead light fixture, a painted ceiling or a large plant that makes you notice the scale of the room.

The “wow” - The strongest element or focal point of a room. It can be an architectural feature like a set of large windows, a large accessory, or a stunning piece of furniture.

The “weird” - This is the piece we all look for. It stops you in your tracks, starts conversation with others and makes you feel happy. This can be art, a flea market find or even something you made yourself.

The personalizer - These are the personal items we so love, like photos, family pieces, etc. They may not be prominent but they tell a story.

The natural element - These are things that bring life to a room, like a plant, fruit or even candles. Organic matter is very popular, from seed balls to moss eggs.

The finishing details - These are the touches that fill the empty spaces, like a stack of magazines, a collection of books about a subject you love, or a beautiful bowl on a coffee table.

The signs of life - These are items that remind you of life in a space, like your favorite soft socks, reading glasses, or a half-drunk cup of coffee. 

When you look at finishing a room, explore the items above, add the ideas that work for you, and do not forget to add the feel and signs of life. Our rooms do not need to look like a magazine, but a place that feels like home.





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