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Calming the Craziness!

With all the Covid craziness going on it can be really hard to find CALM. The constant stress of not knowing what’s going on and negative news that seems to be playing all the time, finding a place to be calm can be a challenge.

Many people are running to the beach, mountains or a vacation spot to seek a place of peace. For years I have talked about creating your own personal retreat in your own home. As I rode my bike this morning, I noticed a homeowner doing just that. A backhoe was removing a small tree in preparation for a new deck or gazebo. My ride continued and I noticed even more yard waste at the curb. Signs of neighbors creating new and fresh spaces to enjoy.

So let's spend some time looking at ways to create calm. It can be a reading chair in a sunny spot, or a gazebo in the backyard. Finding that sweet spot for you is key to creating that calm.

Over the next few weeks we are going to explore how we can reinspire our homes and yards to add calm back into our everyday lives.

Think about this, if you spend $5,000 on a vacation, you will enjoy it once and then just have pictures of that experience. But if you use some of that money to create a space that you can enjoy every day, you can continue to build those spaces and ultimately create a true retreat.

So… let’s get started! Take a walk around your home and around your yard and notice the spaces you’re already drawn to. Either make a list or a mental note of the areas where you love to spend time and then let’s start exploring the ways we can bring them to the next level.



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