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Combining your appliances

Let’s continue our deep dive on appliances, and learn how appliances can be combined so you need fewer in your kitchen and can clear space on your countertop.

Microwaves are still a staple in the kitchen, whether you actually cook in it or just reheat, the microwave is a must have item. But many microwaves can serve multiple functions. For example, they can be a toaster oven, a convection oven and an airfryer all in one. These are amazing features if you are cooking for one, heating up items for an after school snack, or crisping up leftovers. One appliance that can handle all the above is what I call a life saver.

The microwave can also be a drawer and it does not have to be placed over the stove or cooktop any longer. When I design a kitchen, I like to spread activities out so everyone is not crowded in one spot. By creating a coffee bar and microwave area, family and friends can make their own snack or drink and not get in the way of the cook. This also allows for a pretty hood over the stove, but that is a different blog.

Take a look at what you need an appliance to do and see what you can combine. Less in more!

Another appliance that can be combined is the coffee maker. If you enjoy a great cappuccino or a latte, and still want to have just a regular cup of coffee, the coffee maker has become a coffee center all in itself. And you do not have to be a barista to operate one. I have had such fun investigating this option. I love coffee and wanted the variety to have something different in the morning, but did not want 2-3 appliances on the counter. These can be a bit pricey so look into what you want and look for a great sale.

Last but not least is the range. The range can now be a convection oven, airfryer, or even have a smaller toaster oven at the top and a full oven below. This is the perfect oven for the single person or a growing family.

If you are a cook, a wall oven combination is the perfect way to expand your cooking and baking ability. I have a client whose daughter is a big baker and enjoys this activity every day. By changing to a slide in range with a double wall oven with microwave and convection functions, the cooking-baking options are endless.

Taking the time to investigate your options before purchasing is the key to creating a beautiful kitchen that truly functions as well as it works. Combining appliances keeps the space looking clean and allowing for lots of counter space.



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