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Easy tips for a successful bath remodel

Now that the kitchen is looking great, it's time to look at the bath. Sometimes it is easier to start small and work your way up. So that means maybe starting with the powder room or hall bath. This is a great place to really have fun and express yourself. Think color on the vanity or walls, or even wallpaper. If you’re like me, and like something bold, think about wallpaper on one wall and then bring out a color to make it all blend.

Use these places to really express yourself and your personality.

Because this is a space that is not used all the time, like the master bath for example, storage is not as important and style can give way to function (within reason).

Another great item to add to the room is tile on the walls. This looks absolutely amazing and you can even use a tile in a shiplap pattern to make it look fresh and current. It also makes cleaning really easy. Wiping down walls is a surprisingly necessary step in cleaning a bathroom... especially when you have boys. I had a friend share this story about her boys and “teaching aim.” She had a bowl of cheerios on the back of the toilet, and I had to ask why, because I only had girls. She said she taught her boys to toss a few cheerios in the bowl and use them as target practice. The result was very few misses! Great idea and good to know! I bet you didn’t think you’d get these kinds of tips from a design blog!

I am getting ready to do a soft remodel on my own bath. Because of the pandemic I cannot gut my bath as I originally planned, and I only have one bath, so being without one is really not an option. That means I’m going to pivot to painting the vanity and installing a new roman shade in a snappy fabric. I’ll add fresh new tile and this time I want to do the whole wall behind the vanity. Put in a couple of faucets and we will be good to go.

Just like a full remodel vs. a soft remodel in a kitchen, the same applies to the bath. You may not be able to tear out the floor or walls, but changing faucets, lights, maybe a countertop and of course adding tile, makes this all feel fresh and new. And let's not forget the wallpaper. Talk about impact. Here is what my bath will look like when I am finished.


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