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Get Outside- Now let's make it pretty...

We’re now to the fun part of our outdoor adventure! We’ve looked at how to plan it, build it and light it. Now it’s time to decorate your fantastic new outdoor living space.

Let’s start with the dining area, this may be big or small, but it should fit your space. Look at a table that can be flexible. Something with leaves or that can be folded up and stored. The table can be bar-height or table-height. Think about this option and what you will be looking at. If you have a deck or balcony, think about the railing. If you have a higher railing, you may want a bar-height table to be able to see over it.

I love this deck. The picture represents everything you need for a great space. A rug that pops against the brown chairs. That red that is a great target color, and the flowers all pull everything together. I especially love the succulent planters on the blank wall. Take a moment and really look at all the details.

You can pull your whole look together with outdoor dishes, lanterns and pillows that can be mixed and matched. Let your personality show, if you love a pink flamingo, then go for it. If you’re a simple and classic person, think about bringing in a canary yellow or hot pink just to spice things up.

Defining each area in an open plan on a deck or large space really makes the area look finished. An outdoor rug or umbrella sets the perimeter. Or, color is another way to define a space. The lime green in the photo on the left dots the outdoor living and sets up the boundaries for each area.

I love these planters on the railing! The colors can be tied back to a rug or outdoor pillow, really pulling your entire outdoor space together.

Check out the timber with the wine glass holder. This is an incredible outdoor living accessory, especially if you are a wine connoisseur, or if you just want something new, different and amazing.

The last and most important accessories for outdoor living are your plants. You can create something simple or extravagant, colorful or monochromatic, big or small. Look at your space, yard and of course your level sunshine. Do you have shade or sun, or a mix? I promise there is a flower or plant to meet your needs. Talk to you local garden center, many offer a free class to help you plan your space.

Be sure to check out your local source for outdoor accessories and look to the internet to bring fresh sources and ideas to make it personal!



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