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High Point Furniture Market ’24 – Sofa Styles

The High Point Furniture Market was so much fun and filled with amazing sights, including new styles of all the furniture we love. For a broader look at my Market takeaways, check out last week’s post [LINK]. I did however, go to Market with a few specific quests in mind, one being the new direction of sofa design. Right before Market, I had an interview with a local TV station and one of the questions presented was, what is the style direction of the sofa? That may sound a bit flat, but when you are in the style business, that is a big deal. We love when a household staple starts to evolve and take on new trends.

The look of the sofa is changing. And when I say that I mean the seat, arm and leg style. The seat is changing from a 3 or 2-seat to a bench seat. The bench seat on the sofa seems to be the next big new thing. The industry tried it about 10 years ago and it did not make it. But think about it, no crack to fall into or the number of people who fit on a sofa being dictated by the number of cushions. Ten years down the road, and the bench seat has come a long way. We’re seeing better support and fill to prevent lumpiness and a few different options to solve the constant problem of the cushion “popping up” at the ends when it’s sat on. Overall, the look and feel are fantastic and I’m excited to see this one coming back.

The next style shift is in the arm of the sofa. I’m still seeing the standard track arm but with a bit of a flair. The track arm is becoming a bit softer and can even wrap around the cushion giving the sofa almost a soft and sexy look like on this leather sofa.

Next is the look of a leg, curved or straight, built to the floor, or even a skirt. We're seeing all of these options on many different styles of sofa. The exposed leg can be very straight or a bit curvy. It comes across a bit casual or streamline and is pushing towards contemporary. Something with a metal leg can be absolutely amazing on a sleek sofa. They’re all a little different and offer a different feel to a room.

The sectional is being shown more in a casual setting, like a den or bonus room, and it comes with a bunch of pieces so you can make it as big or as small as you need it to be. A more formal setting option would be the sofa and two chairs or even four chairs with an ottoman, like I just set up for one of my clients.

I think it is important to think about what you want to do in the space. If it is conversation, make sure everyone can talk and be heard. If a movie is the scene, then everyone needs a seat where they can see the TV. Designing your space should be about what you are doing in the room as much as what it looks like.

The High Point Furniture Market had so many great styles, so don’t settle for what you seek in a local store, reach out to your favorite designer and make your sofa, your room, your space more than something to sit on. Living exceptionally is all about being comfortable in your own home.



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