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Holiday Decorating-Inspirations from Nature

With only three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, we’ve all been pushed for time. If you are struggling with some last- minute décor ideas, look no further than your own backyard.

Fresh greenery from a holly bush is nice, but let’s look bigger! Mixing greenery from different evergreen bushes and trees is the hip thing for this season. I am loving the look of mixing different colors of green and styles of needles. But to really take it further, look at other types l like nandina greenery and the beautiful red berries.

And let’s not forget magnolia! This is of course very southern and super pretty. Start with a row of magnolia leaves and build on top with different types of evergreen. To add height to a mantle, add a tall slender vase. Fill it with greenery, berries and nandina branches. To finish it off, look around your home for unusual items like white flowers or red ribbon. Total Bliss of Greensboro, NC, used white long stem tulips on a mantel and it was stunning. If you can add lights to your décor look to use icicle lights, giving a bigger dimension to the garland.

Another idea! Using the same tall vase, add real flowers! Try white roses or red alstroemeria to add a special look and give the mantle some pop. If you do not have a mantle do the same type of décor on a table, on top of a bookcase or even a shelf in a bookcase. Look to add the stocking holders and you can create a mantle anywhere.

What about your other spaces in bookcases and bathrooms? Look to add a grouping in a small short vase or bowl, this will give a sprinkle of holiday cheer throughout your home. Be creative and have fun, because that is what the holidays are all about.



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