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How to successfully mix fabric patterns

I love that we are getting out of all the solids and neutrals and getting back to color and patterns. Don't get me wrong! A very zen and relaxing space is essential in every home, I would recommend your bedroom be the place to bring that to life. But there is a great way to mix patterns of fabrics, whether it's neutrals or colors, that makes all the difference.

So, let's break this down! First, start with your target fabric. This is usually a large scale print fabric that has various colors in it that you can use to mix with other fabrics to make a room come together. The reason we look for a pattern that is large in scale is because it's usually going to be used in draperies, where the pattern is pleated, or on a pillow where a smaller amount is seen.

The second is a medium scale print, has two colors and can be a geometric, a stripe or an animal print. You're going to look for something that has two of the more dominate colors in your inspiration fabric. I would use this on an ottoman or an accent chair. If you are timid towards a lot of color, this would be a great fabric to use for drapes.

The third fabric is a small print, or a tone on tone type fabric that brings out a recessive color in your inspiration fabric. This can be used on a chair or ottoman depending on the color selection, or if it is a bright color, on pillows or a welt on a piece of furniture is a great way to go.

Mixing fabrics is something you need to practice with a lot of trial and error. I love to put as many as six patterns in a room, from the drapes to the rug and everything in between. My advice is to start slow and be brave. Mix a pattern on an ottoman and a grouping of pillows on your sofa. If this is something that's challenging for you, reach out to your favorite interior designer, they will love to help you put together a great mix of fabrics.

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