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Market Report II -- Bringing the trends home

Now that we know what’s coming our way in the way of tips and trends, we need to know how to incorporate them into our home. A few of the trends we visited were going green, wicker and woven and patterns that pop.

Going Green

Green is a warm color, so if you have a lot of gray and cooler tones in your home adding some green can begin with succulents in a white container, or adding a pillow or throw with green mixed into the pattern. When you shift from cooler tones to warmer, something needs to change so a mix of warm and cool colors are present, like a rug that has a mix of patterns and colors. This will make it super easy to pull colors out like the green, plum or copper colors.

Wicker and woven

I saw so much wicker, caned and woven accessories at Market. I love the introduction of texture into a space. Think about adding this trend in a lamp or basket for a table. This would also make an awesome island light in a kitchen, or a great foyer fixture.

Another way to bring wicker or woven fixtures into your home is on a chair or piece of furniture. Check out this chair and the cool gray tone. Really works for me!

Patterns that pop

The last trend we talked about was pattern. You’ve seen my living room, I love patterned fabric...and on something more than just a pillow. If you want to dive into this one, chairs and ottomans are a great place to bring in a bold fabric. Ikat and geometrics are big patterns to consider.

I am not saying all of these trends will work in your home or that you should like all of them. Some will work, some may not. That’s okay! It’s always most important to keep your home feeling like “you” and make it somewhere you feel comfortable. Branching out and trying a new look in your home should be fun. So keep your eyes open and be creative!


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