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Refresh your space--The home shopping edition

We are all spending a lot of time at home and looking at the same room and same space for days on end. Things that are not right start to drive you a little crazy. Let’s look at some simple, fast and inexpensive ways to make a change.

Let’s start with our walls. Most of them, I hope, have some sort of art on them, which is a great way to shake things up. The easiest thing to do is move things around a bit. Bring the art from the bedroom to the living room. Create new groupings or create a gallery wall. Look to have some photographs developed into a sepia finish or black and white. Use frames you already have to determine the size, and now it is just a switch out. The photos can be mailed to your house or you can pick them up.

If you’re looking to create a gallery wall, the most common question is, how do I lay it out? With how popular gallery walls became a few years ago, and how popular they’ve stayed, there are a ton of tips online. The biggest thing I want to help you realize here, is that you can shop your home for new things to add to the gallery.

Step 1: Get inspiration. First up is to determine your personal gallery wall style. ...

Step 2: Lay it out. Lay out the pieces of your gallery wall on the floor. ...

Step 3: Mock it up with brown paper cut to the size of your frames...

Step 4: Mirror your laid out gallery on the wall with your paper...

Step 5: Hammer and hang. ...

Step 6: Enjoy.

This one is more of a weekend project, but don’t be afraid to rearrange the furniture. I love this part! Look at furniture you have in different areas of the house, particularly chairs or small tables you can flip from room to room. Do you have a great bedroom chair that would love to see the light of day and be used in the living room? So many clients say to me, we can’t move the chair, it’s the bedroom chair. My response usually is, the chair does not have an address or receive mail, lets relocate it and create a new space. Look at your living room and how you use the space now. Maybe you need to move some things out to provide a more open space to allow for play? Do you need a table in front of the sofa and not an ottoman because you are playing games or working puzzles?

And what about your kitchen? We are all cooking a bit more and spending more time in the kitchen. Look at using things that are not commonly found in the kitchen to handle a newfound chore. A great example is a ceramic wine chiller that can hold utensils at the stove. Use a basket to hold napkins or if you are home schooling, to hold crayons, markers or colored pencils.

We are all using our spaces differently, so why not use the product in the room differently too. Use your imagination and you just might find a great new way of doing things.



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