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Styling your perfect sink

When it comes down to it, we really don’t think much about our sink in the kitchen. I hear so many clients say, “just put in a stainless steel sink in my kitchen or white under mount in the bath, and move on.” But not all sinks are created equal. For example, stainless steel sinks are determined by the gauge of steel used. It’s a lot like golf, the lower the number, the better the sink. Try to select a 16 gauge sink, if that’s not an option go to an 18, but I would not recommend anything higher.

Sinks come in three styles, under mount, drop-in and vessel. Under mount allows a clean and easy clean up without an edge. Drop-in means there is an edge at the sink to deal with. And a vessel sits on the countertop. This is not a style I would recommend for the kitchen, but it’s great for a butler’s pantry.

So, let’s get into some inspiration…

The kitchen sink can be so much more than a stainless look, and the finishes are a great place to start. A porcelain sink has an amazing look and can have a divided portion or an open bowl.

Porcelain sinks are typically a drop-in option, so they can be overlooked because of the edge. Personally, I love a porcelain sink. They come in many colors and can really enhance the look of a kitchen.

Another option is a granite sink. These tend to be a bit contemporary because they are usually not shiny. The matte look is very striking and gives a sleek appeal.

One last option is a copper sink or a hammered stainless steel. This option is incredibly fun and can really add to your look. Think about using these in a wet bar or power room for that extra wow factor.

Another great option is the farm sink or apron sink. I love the look of this sink because of the great style. They come in terrific colors and styles. The apron front can have details or patterns to really add some zip to your space.

Another important thing to note, not all farm sinks are porcelain. They are also available in stainless steel, which makes them a lot less heavy.

The next thing to consider are the number of divides in the sink and how far apart they are. The most common is the 50/50 sink with both sides being equal. This is the most common and least expensive. A 60/40 sink is your next option and the popularity of these is increasing. Another cool aspect is where one side of the sink can be deeper than the other, making it a great option for washing dishes or a quick rinse. Another popular option is the under mount single bowl.

This option is great if you have a lot of big pieces to wash. In general, sinks come with so many options now like trays in the bottom to protect from scratching, vegetable bins and wood cutting trays.

Really the sky's the limit when it comes to options, so take the time to explore. Your sink helps to define your style and the options are worth exploring to express yourself!



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