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Tips For the Best Holiday Decorating Season Ever!

When you’re decorating your home for the holidays, try to use your décor in different places and ways. Instead of saying, “this goes in the kitchen, and this goes in the dining room,” ask yourself “how can I mix it up?” If you don’t remember what things looked like, pull out those pictures from last year.

Another way to change up your look is with fresh Christmas ribbon. Ribbon is a quick and inexpensive way to refresh what you have. However, make sure you =-shop early for the best selections. Some great options we have seen this year are ribbons that looks like tree bark, stripes, and Christmas trees.

Pairing ribbons is a great way to bring on the merry and bright. What about a bark ribbon with a red velvet? Silver and gold are always a classic, or white and blue! You can have a container full of bows that can be switched out each year, and just remember to remove them from the wreath or decoration so they don’t get crushed and will last longer.

Light is what makes everything bright. Think about mixing colored lights and white lights on your tree. This is a great way to add color and the sparkle of white lights, and kids love the color while mom loves the white. Lights now are LED and can be much brighter. Just like bulbs, light can be bright white to soft white. Try to get all the same color on your tree or exterior lights makes everything look more cohesive.

Add a little Christmas to each room by adding small fairy lights to a glass container with flocked pinecones, pine branches, and cinnamon sticks. This is a simple and elegant way to spruce up any space. This can be used on a table, a lantern at the front door, or in a long tray on the back porch. I love to bring nature indoors, and kids can get involved with this and make it a fun craft project.

Kids love to make ornaments for the tree, but sometimes it really messes up that special look you might be planning for your home. Try a kid’s tree or a tabletop tree for the ornaments. Add a paper chain garland and string some popcorn. Again, get the kids involved! This is a tree any kid would be proud of.

Finally, we have scent. Scents make us remember feelings from our childhood or other special, memorable times. Make a small arrangement that does just that. I love to take a jar with a vanilla candle and add coffee beans. When you light the candle, it will warm the beans and release a wonderful smell and provide a beautiful glow. If you have an artificial tree, add that wonderful pine smell with pine sticks, or use essential oils! This can be dabbed onto a soft ornament to release that scent all season.

Remember these tips as you are decorating this year:

1. Use things in new ways, get creative and mix things up.

2. Bring on the ribbon! Ribbon is like pillow covers; you can have a bunch.

3. Lights are the sparkle and feel free to mix it up.

4. Create the feeling of Christmas through scent! What smells like Christmas to you!

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


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