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Julian Price Designer Showhouse

Hillside, also known as the Julian Price House, is a historic mansion located in the Fisher Park neighborhood of GreensboroGuilford County, North Carolina. It was designed by architect Charles C. Hartmann and built in 1929 for the businessman Julian Price. The house, a four-story, 31-room, 180 foot long dwelling in the Tudor Revival style, sits at 7,266 square-feet. It has a three-story polygonal stair tower, red-brown rough fired brick, and half-timbering with tan stucco. Also on the property is a contributing rustic board-and-batten gardener's cottage.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. It is located in the Fisher Park Historic District.

In January 2017, Sandra Cowart, famed interior designer and former owner of the home, was featured on an episode of A&E's Hoarders. Cowart, who had lived there since 1972, was an expert on the home and its architecture. She had kept the home in pristine condition until her husband left her in 1979, after she refused to sell the home and have it demolished. For many years she rented out rooms in the mansion, and gave frequent tours. Her family had 

stated that after 2005, she rarely let anyone inside. She became a compulsive collector, and ultimately lost her business, forcing her to partake in several refinancing schemes that ultimately led to the home being foreclosed. The new owners were understanding, and allowed her to sell and dispose of her things. When asked how she felt about being forced to move, Cowart said she is "lucky" to have called Hillside home for 40 years, and hoped the new owners enjoyed it.

Flashback: Julian Price House was designer showhouse in '79

Long before the historic Julian Price mansion gained famed on “Hoarders,” it was a designer showhouse in 1979. The same house, also known as Hillside, will open its doors April 7 through 29 — and likely into May — to showcase the work of designers from New York to Dallas.

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