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A mix-matched Christmas

We all have wonderful holiday decorations we acquired when we were in college, or from our first apartment or even first home. Many of these are too cherished to toss and you want to rekindle the memories from when they were first used. But… some things get very worn and tattered or just plain out of style. So how do you mix them with the new decorations we see every year? And what about fresh colors? Like Black? It’s super popular this year.

I love to go look at the new Holiday decorations that come out every year. The cute fresh looks are inspiring and get you all excited for something fresh for the season. Mixing can be a challenge especially when the color scheme changes or yours is not on point.

Mixing is easier when you identify a spot or a piece of furniture, like the top of a piano, to set up a vignette that tells a story. Maybe you have a vintage ceramic Christmas tree with the multicolored lights that are the rage this year. Or an an old sleigh and pink and green ornaments that were big for you in college, but now not so much. Giving these items a special place that makes a point is the key.

Another option is to mix them with a fresh element that falls along the same theme. I love the red truck with the Christmas tree in the back or on top. Think about using the vintage ceramic tree here with some fresh greenery to create a table top display. White and flocked trees are really popular, adding those pink and green ornaments would be absolutely striking! And the old sleigh is the perfect place for the Christmas cards or you can use it in a hall bath and roll hand towels for guests to use.

My final suggestion is to simply mix it up. Don’t get stuck in the routine of placing the same decorations in the same place every year. Try to invent a new place for decorations to go and you will get a fresh look each year.



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