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Air filters and flowers make all the difference

There are a couple easy things you can do to make sure your house or apartment is ready for spring and up to date. The easiest?

The filter for your heating and air system! Did you know, if you do not change the filter on your HVAC system, you can literally choke your system and shorten the life. Just by spending $5 a month, or $60 a YEAR! I believe Starbucks is more expensive!

I recommend using the basic filter for a system that is more than 15-years-old. And the newer filters for a younger system. The newer filters have more layers for allergy and dust, and can last as long as 6 months. Newer systems are able to handle the additional layers which on an older system, makes the system work harder. Cheaper filters will work just as well, they just need to be changed every month.

An easy way to make sure you have enough for the year is to buy a years’ worth of filters, and store them in a closet or under a bed. Now make yourself a reminder to change the filter the first of every month. You just added life to your HVAC system, saving you money!

Along with changing your filters in the HVAC, let’s go head and jump on the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. This is the number one thing people blow off. A fresh battery and 30 seconds can change everything. And while you’re up there, take the time to dust the vent. A little maintenance goes a long way and protects your biggest investment.

Design tips:

  • Take all your art down, clean the glass and put it together in new groupings. If you had a big piece in a place, replace it with 3 smaller pieces, and vise versa. A great way to determine what goes where is to lay it out on the floor, or cut out the sizes in brown paper and place them on the wall to see the new look before any holes go in the wall.

  • Another option if you love your art layout and it just needs a fresh look, look to paint or replace the frame, or paint the mat! I have also used decorative paper and wallpaper to create a new look for an old mat.

  • Forcing bulbs is a great way to add flowers to your home in the winter. And it’s really easy. You just need a shallow dish, then add some pea gravel or small rocks and place the bulbs on top. Add a small amount of water and place it in a sunny spot. The key to success is very little water. Just to keep it damp, not floating.



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