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Bar carts add that special something...

Have you ever seen something and just fallen in love? That’s what happened to me with bar carts. Bar carts made their appearance in the 20’s and have been a staple in and out of the design and style scene ever since. I love the way they’ve resurfaced and with so much style. Everything from traditional to mid-century modern, there’s a style that speaks to you. They’re a stylish way to display and make great cocktails for guests, show off what types of liquor you have on hand, and your skill to craft a cocktail. From smart glasses to shakers with personality, the bar cart is the perfect way to add personality to your space.

Bar carts are not confined to the dining room. They are the perfect way to add a bar to a small space. They can be added to an entry or a corner of a dining room. Both add a bit of sparkle to a space. But let’s look at other ways to use a bar cart.

Add a bar cart to your guest room as a welcome center. Think about creating a coffee bar for your guest with a small Keurig and coffee mugs. Remember tea can be made in a Keurig also. Add a fun sugar bowl with sugar and creamer and fun napkins and spoons to mix it up. The bottom shelf can have different types of waters and snacks like popcorn (my favorite) or pretzels to tide one over.

Another option is to add a bar cart to a porch as a plant and potting center. The top shelf can be filled with pretty pots filled with plants that enjoy both sun and partial shade, and the bottom holds the clippers and trowel for planting with a stack of pots ready for action.

Now let’s talk about the style of bar cart. Traditionally the bar cart is brass or gold with glass shelves, but many variations can be found like a wood that just begs to be painted a fun color. Black or metal finishes will take you to the industrial style.

Look for your special piece at consignment stores or an online retail source like Wayfair or Overstock. The options are endless, all you really need is your imagination and a love affair with a bar cart.



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