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Bar stools -- Comfort and style

Bar stools come in everything from metal to wicker, fabric and leather, some swivel and some are stationary. The style look is up to the beholder, with some imagination. Bar stools are not just about a seat at a bar, but a special look that sets the tone for the room. This is a great item to ask your designer about for a few ideas. I recently worked on a project that required a special size swivel bar stool. We found them online and then had them recovered in two different performance fabrics for durability.

Typically, bar stools come in two heights, counter and bar height. Counter height stools sit at 29” and a bar height stool sits at 36-37”. Be sure to measure your bar or table and order the correct height. Most bar stool designs come in both heights and it’s terrible if you get the wrong height.

Look for fun styles with lucite or leather. Something that is woven with two colors, or where the back of the chair is a different fabric or material than the seat. Maybe the legs are a stunning color that ties to a window treatment or accessory.

The idea is to use your bar stool to add to your space and accent a special detail.

Bar stools can swivel or be stationery. The biggest thing to consider here is how much space you have. A swivel stool needs a lot more room, but the mobility is great. A saddle stool, which is stationery, can tuck under the counter to be out of the way when not in use. Consider these options when looking at styles, the look is important, but the function still needs to be considered.



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