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Bedroom to Wine Den

I want to share with you a story about how a bedroom became a wine den. We’ve been talking about wine storage and how to incorporate it into your home, and I recently worked on a project that did exactly this!

My client was soon-to-be an empty nester, her life partner was moving to her home, and they knew they needed one more space to hang out and share a favorite pastime… wine. Her partner had worked in the wine industry and had great ideas about the space. My client had inherited some amazing furniture that was perfect for the room, so the creative process had begun.

We had three main goals with revamping this space. We had to figure out where to store the wine, how to add a wine fridge, and create a beautiful display that would serve as a cocktail mixing station. So, what did we choose? The old closet of course! The 28” depth was perfect for the wine fridge and gave us lots of space for a great countertop. We added some barn wood and wine plaques, and this space took off with a ton of personal style.

When combining styles, art collections came into play, and the perfect gallery walls were born. This gave the space warmth and conversation. My client comes from a long line of artists, so amazing art was easy to come by. If you'd like to check out her work, find her on Instagram at @brownlee_graycatstudio.

His furniture played perfectly into the style of the space by adding a loved and weathered leather chair that’s filled with character. The loveseat fit perfectly into the space, along with family side tables that finished the room with style.

This space is now perfect for conversation, playing a game, reading a book, contemplating life, watching a game or movie, or just petting the cat.


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