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Being Thankful!

I know it’s cliché to write a blog post about being thankful. But as the holidays approach, I find myself looking at my life and house with a different light. I love my little house. It keeps me warm, and I know I am blessed to come home to it every night.

I love to dress her up at the holidays with lights in the front lawn, wreathes on the windows and a tree dressed to the hilt with all the ornaments I have collected over the years.

I have found this year to be like no other. Christmas comes earlier every year and I kind of love it! I do holiday decorating every year for clients, and I’ve already put up 3 trees. The thought of the Christmas tree being up for Thanksgiving and sharing it with friends and family makes me smile. As I've talked with friends and clients this year, many families will only see each other at Thanksgiving, and that's the whole reason for the holiday décor going up early.

So, as we all gather for Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to really look at this year, what it gave us, what it took away and what makes us smile every day.

So how does this apply to design? It lets us look around our homes and see all the great things we miss every day as we hustle and bustle about. Get a glass of wine and take a walk through your home and really be grateful for the Joy that fills the walls.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I truly hope this day is filled with peace love joy and contentment!



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