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Blending a Home That May Be Divided

Let’s continue our series on blending houses. This could be friends moving in together, a dating relationship, or even a marriage. The most important thing to think about is individual style and how to make them mesh. Let’s start in the kitchen!

It is important to know what type of kitchen person you are. Do you like to cook and entertain? Do you have family over? Are you looking to build a group of friends to share the space? You need to consider all the above-mentioned things in your design and style.

I’m going to get on my soap box for one second; be careful not to get too many opinions when doing a design project. This makes it hard to know what you really want, since everyone has an opinion. That is not conducive to a good design project. Remember too many cooks ruin the dish!

One of the easiest ways to blend any space is to define each person’s style and then blend the two. This works with everyone, and having one person who is fluent in many styles is the key to putting things together. In a kitchen, mixing styles is easy. A simple cabinet can be mixed with a patterned backsplash and contemporary or vintage-style lights.

I usually start with my countertops. That is the best way to begin a style, and then we can build out from there. Shopping together with all parties involved gives me the chance to see what everyone likes. I usually start with styles and colors, and from there it all falls into place.

When mixing, what goes into the cabinets is another story. I always look at what each person likes to do. If one likes to cook more, use their cookware. If someone loves wine, use their glasses to create a great and unique mix. The key is to compromise!

If you’re having trouble, bring in a professional to help you make the big decisions. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes.


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