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Bring on the Holidays--Outdoor edition!

We’re going to stay focused on the holidays this week, but turn our focus to the outdoors! We all want to meet with family and friends, but of course that’s a little more complicated this year. Even if it’s cold, there are fun ways to gather and stay warm outside.

I think we can agree that one benefit of this crazy 2020 year was the revamping of our outdoor living spaces. So regardless of what that outdoor space looked like for you throughout the spring and summer, let's look at ways to recreate this space into a fall and winter wonderland. A space for a fire pit or an outdoor heat source is a must. Look at a ceramic fireplace or something propane-powered to make things warm and cozy. An outdoor heater that spills heat down on you would be a great way to keep you warm.

Next look at having extra hats and gloves for people to wear while they are visiting. Also have extra blankets for your guests to wrap up in and get cozy by the fire, or on a screened porch or gazebo. All these places have the opportunity to bring on the Christmas cheer and cozy atmosphere!

One more idea that will help to keep your guests warm and cozy, is to have hand warmers to tuck in a pocket or inside a glove. Hot chocolate or warm cider will make you warm from the inside out. As an adult, maybe have some Kahlua or Godiva chocolate liquor to add to hot chocolate.

I know things aren’t the way we want them to be this holiday season. But we have the opportunity to find the joy and create new, special moments with friends and family. So invite your people to share the season in whatever way they can. Remember the season is all about being merry and bright!



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