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Bring on the Holidays - The Small Details

We are all in full swing of decorating for the holidays, whether it’s for Thanksgiving, Christmas or both. Are you looking for something to add some wow to your space or just trade things up a bit? Look to the small details to make a big impact.

I am loving the small pointy trees I’m seeing everywhere. Look for these in a fun color or keep them in a silver and gold theme. Either way, these add a bit of whimsy and nostalgic character to your décor.

While we’re on the topic, another theme I’m seeing for the holidays are vintage style items in a new inspired color. Check out these fun skates that can be hung on a door or back of a chair to add a special nostalgic feel to a modern space. Personally, I love to mix and match items that are not from the same style. This really breaks up the possibility of a “bed in a bag” look.

And, if you haven’t gotten your tree and want to change things up, take a look at some new shapes of trees and light styles. Many prelit trees can change from colored lights to white lights with the touch of a button. The multi-function tree would be a super hit for the kids. One other option I am seeing a lot of is the tabletop tree. Especially if you’re a renter or just do not have the space, a festive tabletop tree is your answer.

In the end, if you’re looking for something to change up your holiday feel and create something uniquely you, look for those small details. It’s the the small things that really bring in the Christmas cheer and can keep you in budget this holiday season.



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