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Building on the basics -- Part Two

Last week we talked about the basics and how to get started so let’s build on that. Just to review, we looked at ways to put basic elements together to build the look you want. Understanding how to create flow and bring your personality into your home.

Another great way to build on the basics is understanding how to make a room feel pulled together. I just worked with a client and they had a very nice dining room, but somehow the room just wasn’t coming together. As I looked around the room, I noticed nothing was really talking to each other. What I mean by that is items must be close enough to each other or have a relationship with each other. Think about that! You cannot have a relationship with a person if you do not sit close to them, and art and accessories are the same way.

Let’s start with art. How you hang art on a wall is a big reason rooms look disconnected. My client had two beautiful pieces of art, but they were hung too far apart and just unlevel enough to look crooked.

I took the art down and re-hung both pieces so they were in the center of the wall and only 4 inches apart. This made the art compliment each other and added the impact they were looking for when you enter the room.

The next steps for completing this space were to dress up the table and make the chairs add some impact to the space.

This client had embraced a neutral color scheme. Which is beautiful and serene, but can come across flat or boring if you do not pop a color. I love to do a target color! This is a color you bring in and then carry that color from to room.

Your eye and brain will look for this color as you walk through the house. In the dining room, we added a warm taupe color that could be added in each room following. On the table we added a large glass bowl filled with succulents and river rock. This mixed textures and added a live element to the room. We added the same warm taupe color to the chair seats. And now, the room had a great look and feel where dinner is a place to linger not rush.



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