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Celebrity Style-- I Can Do That!

Do you ever wonder how celebrities live in their homes? I just saw an amazing issue from Architectural Digest (AD) featuring stars and their homes. As I read the article, I saw amazing designs and styles that perfectly fit each person. Then I started to think about how could these grand ideas, be applied to everyday living?

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has an amazing retreat in Kenya. It’s truly a stunning place. When you look at the outdoor living space, you see beautiful lighting and comfy furniture to enjoy the view and enjoy the day. We can do this in our own homes, especially if you do not really have a view. Add large pots filled with fish tail palms or bird of paradise plants to create your view, add a chair that you love to sit in, a few lanterns to create ambiance, and you have successfully created your own person retreat. Look at colors and textures that speak to you to create that feeling of home.

More inspiration comes from Kendall Jenner’s closet. The closet was organized, looked amazing, and worked beautifully in her space. I loved the color coordination of everything. From shoes, to coats, to bags, to dresses, if you knew where things were in your closet and could find them easily, imagine how incredible it would be to start your day not in chaos!

When we look at this space, we can see that it really is simple to put the look together. I feel the hard part is maintaining it. I love how nice the space feels with the rug to cushion your feet, and everything is matched to make getting dressed very convenient. You can focus on your fashion rather than a cluttered space!

I feel with a little effort and a nice rug, this closet could take on an amazing feel, and you would love to get dressed for your day! Investing in a great closet saves space and time. There are lots of options for designing your closet. You can bring a professional company and they will plan it completely, like California Closets. Or, if you are a DIY person, try Closets By Design or Easy Closets. They have programs that let you lay it all out before you even begin.

I saved the best for last. I loved Hillary Duff’s house. She has created a space that has so me many great details. Her kitchen has mixed tile, and her rooms all have a pop of color on a wall. My favorite part, however, is her foyer stairs. They're brilliant!

Adding a runner to your entrance stairs is nothing new, but using vintage rugs as a runner makes the space interesting and dynamic. This whole space feels amazing without much effort.

You can do this! I know you can. The secret is to put together 3 rugs that are in the same color family but with different patterns. How much fun to collect three rug to create this look!

The last thing I loved about this issue was that each space was totally the look and feel of that person. Not so much following a trend but creating a space that was who they were. Check out the issue, it’s available online, and you will discover so many great ideas.



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