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Create Your Best Guest Room

Travel is such a great inspiration for your home and life. But what are the things we take away from travel? All the beautiful sights and flavors you get to experience are just the start. Think about all the amazing amenities that you took part in. Coffee at your fingertips, towels that you stay wrapped in, and robes that you actually put on. I never wear a robe, but I wore one everyday on vacation. So, what does that say?

Let’s start with coffee! I love coffee. It makes my day, every day. Imagine having coffee brewing in a mini kitchen or butler’s pantry near or in your bedroom. I have designed this into an amazing master bedroom space. The house was quite large, and it was a hike to get coffee in the morning. We took a hall closet and created an amazing coffee bar for morning enjoyment. What else could you incorporate into this space? A wine or beverage fridge? Really anything you would want, just like in a hotel or resort. Add some simple snacks like popcorn and high-quality dark chocolate, and you have the perfect resort experience every day.

I am a firm believer in creating a resort experience in your own backyard or in your home. Imagine if you came home to something special every day. Think about investing in your own home instead of going on a vacation, and now you can “vaca” every day!

For the guest suite, add the coffee maker, snacks, great towels, and that amazing robe, your guests will enjoy your home just as much as a hotel. Add the amazing linens and art from your travels, and you’ve created the perfect escape!



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