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Creating a style that's all you

Alright, so we’ve decided the master bedroom is where we’ll focus and we’ll take the time to create something lovely...but how do you start? Deciding what you want your bedroom to look like is often the hardest part. I always start with the bed. Do you like an upholstered bed, iron headboard, or wood bed? Do you like sleek and simple bedding or do you like to dress it up with ruffles and pillows? Patterns or solids? This is the tip of the iceberg, but a great place to start.

Another way to jump into discovering your ideal look and feel is to look at complete pictures that you can then tweak and recreate into an amazing look that is all yours. I do not recommend finding a picture and copying it for your space. In the end, that was someone else’s look and more often than not it doesn’t feel right once it’s in your space.

A few great places to look for your new look are Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz. Most people are very familiar with the first two, but the third, Houzz, is a bit more elusive. I’ve talked about it before, but it honestly is one of the more underused tools for inspiration. Houzz is a place where professionals post pictures of their work, typically in high end homes. This is a great way to see what’s new and current. I love Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and inspiration, but remember this is your space, not a copy of someone else’s dream.

Build a board or idea book of all the styles you love, and you will be so surprised at how they all will line up. Whether you’ve realized it or not, you do have a personal style and there are specific looks and feels that call out to you. So how do you put a spin on it that makes it your own? Change up the bedding or the rug on the floor, change up the drapes, paint the ceiling a color or if you want to get really crazy, add wallpaper to the wall your bed will sit on.

Take some time to dream about this, and do a little looking and shopping. Buy only if you can return it, because you might change your mind!



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