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Creating the feeling of Christmas

The decorations are hung, and the tree is ready for the arrival of Santa, now we turn our thoughts to gifts for our friends and family. Maybe this year more than ever, it is not an actual gift, but the idea of something or an experience.

I look at what I want to give or do for my girls this holiday season and think about what they have already and what would touch their hearts. I am a single parent and have been for many years, but as we are all adults now, my girls are 26 and 29, they do not need another sweater or piece of jewelry. Gifts this year are all about what will really touch our families this holiday season. Let me go on record and say that if you have small children and Santa is bringing them something amazing this holiday season, then by all means, make that happen. For those of us that are grown and have all the things we need, let's look at ways to bring the holiday season to our families through a delight, a service or experience.

For me, as I look at what I want this season, a good meal, a great glass of red wine, and my friends and family around me creates the experience I am looking forward to. Ask yourself, what creates that for you?

This year, my family has settled on exchanging knowledge or services to accomplish or create something. For example, I want a Kindle and will need help setting it up and learning how to use it. My youngest daughter is going to tackle this with me. It’s also a great way to spend a little time together. My oldest daughter and her husband are helping me set up my Youtube channel, so watch for my videos in the new year!

For other options, look at local companies for a massage, pedicure, or facial to share with family and friends. Are there small boutique stores that could really benefit from your holiday dollars to help them through this season? Is there a local restaurant that someone has wanted to try, but hasn’t had the chance and you can create that bridge?

Another option I am hearing from so many people is the return of the Christmas card. A card with a heartfelt message says everything to the people we care about, particularly those we haven’t been able to gather with this year. And you can slip a flat ornament into the card for an extra special touch.

So many things can be said that do not cost a lot of money. Look at photos and kids’ cards to add that special touch and bring the holidays home and make the season bright.



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