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Design and Wine-- How to Make It Pretty!

Wine has become a big part of our lives and our home décor. We design whole spaces that accommodate our collections. I have many clients that love to collect wine and want a safe way to display, share, and drink with friends and family. From extravagant to simple, wine is a big part of home décor. But where to put it and making it look like it belongs is the key to success.

Let’s explore space and quantity! If you plan to make this a big hobby, think about creating a dedicated space for the wine. I have worked with many clients who convert the dining room to a wine tasting room. They weren’t using their dining room (the kitchen and keeping room was where all that action happened), so it worked perfectly as a new space. We added a wine buffet to hold glasses and wine openers, wine stoppers and even a Coravin wine canister. This is a special device that lets you pour one glass of wine without actually opening the bottle. Google it! It’s a great gift for the wine aficionado.

For seating, we added 4 swivel chairs and a tall table in the center. This set up the perfect place to enjoy a glass with friends and family, starting the conversation.

Another place to think about is a small closet or an open nook in a kitchen or dining area. Ventilation is everything for wine so the do may need to change the storage piece, but a small cabinet can be added with a wine fridge to give the whole effect.

I love some of these creative ways to get the wine off the floor. Wall options are great and artistic. I feel we often miss the opportunity to use a vertical space and look at furniture to hold the product. By going up the wall, you will save space and create a really pretty artistic look. If your home is more traditional or a farmhouse, look to add one that is more streamlined or contemporary by mixing up your style. It will make the room more interesting and be a great way to show off your collection!

Glasses are another thing to think about. Stemmed glassware can be hung and adds to the vertical ability. If you prefer stemless, look at pretty shelves or a cool wall cabinet painted a fun color to set off the room.



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