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Design Inspired by Travel— The Bedroom Edition

When we travel, everyone talks about how amazing the bedroom is. From the mattress to the sheets, to the pillows, every last detail of the room is important.

Did you know that the master bedroom is the number one most neglected room of the house? How can we inspire in that environment?

Every time we’re on vacation, we love every inch of the space. So, let’s get some tips from the spaces I stayed in while in South Africa and how we can add them to our home.

I loved the cozy feel of this room with the easy linen duvets and soft sheets. The colors are simple, and they play perfectly with the nature that surrounds us. This is a super easy room to duplicate, and you can do it based on what is comfortable for you based on your budget.You can find similar pieces every, from Target to Neiman. On the other side of the bed was this cozy sitting area with a tall narrow table between. I loved this look because it uses a large room in a different way. Imagine floating your bed in the center of the room to face a fantastic view and adding a comfortable, relaxing area to unwind in. This is the part that faces the television. This keeps the bed for sleeping and play and leaves the sitting area for reading and sitcoms.

I would add one thing to this space, I would add a large object on the table that would block the two areas, Like a large tray, but you should be able to see through it.

Because this is a great neutral palette, you can add any color, like navy or copper, to punch it up a bit. This is the fun part; you get to add your personality to the space.

Check out this beautiful wall treatment, with the white orbs and the use of metals mixed with warm wood on the floor. I love this floor! Who says the floor must be boards? Trade it up a bit and create an incredible look. Now, it’s the perfect place to read a book or catch a nap.

Accessories are a great way to toss in an unexpected color. I love the touch of pink with the neutrals below. Please don’t forget the green!

I loved the romantic feel this room has! The colors are soft and relaxing, the mesh drapes add a bit of spice, and the fun photography finished the space. Creating a great space from your travels is all about capturing the feelings.

Remember; imagine and dream!



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