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Designing a creative space-Office edition

Working from home is a must now, and I have heard some sad stories about the look and feel of the home office. A home office or any workspace needs 3 things, the furniture must fit the need, the technology needs to work to keep up productivity, and the space needs to be creative and invoke a sense of creativity.

A creative space helps the brain to form new ideas and develop different types of thinking. This is caused by neuroplasticity. A concept that allows your brain to continue to form new connections and neural pathways even into adulthood. When you make a new connection between two ideas, it’s not just a metaphor. Your brain is literally restructuring itself to accommodate new processes. The more “plastic” or “pliable” your brain is, the more you’re able to form creative or inspirational thoughts.

“Great creative people must discover the space where they can focus, and be most productive.” 

– Phil Cooke

So, creating a space that stimulates the brain with sight and sound is key to having a great work environment. This can be as easy as a wall color that excites you, to art that stimulates the eye, to music that feels good and invites positive thinking. Take a few minutes to ask yourself what stimulates you, what makes you happy, what makes you do a happy dance! For me, it is a great paint color that is a bit bolder than current trends. I am in a pink phase, so a color like Sherwin Williams Amaryllis would be great for my office.

What color inspires you?

Another great way to feel inspired in your office is through art. Do you have a favorite artist? Do you like to travel? Do you enjoy nature? These are just a few themes that can inspire your creative brain.

The last element is sound. Music can uplift and change the direction of any day, thought or idea. Really pay attention to what you are listening to. Yoga and mediation are wonderful for clearing your head and changing your direction. I love a free app called insight. It has a little gold bowl for its thumbnail. I listen to a meditation as I fall asleep and wake up every day. Try to find a lot of different types of music in different genres. This will really help you to change your mood and build your creative space.

Let’s create really amazing home offices that inspire and uplift not only our moods but our lives as well.



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