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Secrets to a Beautiful, Functional Kitchen

The modern-day kitchen has many zones for cooking, baking and coffee! Whether you’re considering a remodel or just a refresh, think about how important the way you use your kitchen is and what you may be missing in your space.

Let’s look at some tips from the House Beautiful kitchen article and learn about zones in your kitchen and the many options to lay it out for success. These two ideas go hand in hand, planning is what makes it all come together.

One of the most popular areas in the kitchen is the coffee bar. These can be complete with multiple coffee machines, a small refrigerator to hold all the essentials for the perfect cup, and if you really want a splash, add a pot filler to make adding water for coffee or tea a breeze. I also like to add the microwave to this area.

Spreading out the functions in a kitchen allows for people to use many areas of the kitchen at the same time and not get in the way of the cook.

Another very popular area is the baking area. A low marble counter makes rolling dough cool and easy. Think about keeping all the dry goods in the same location. This would also be the perfect place to add a tray or cookie sheet pull out, and if you have the space, make sure the bake ware and muffin tins are close by too.

The pantry is another area that needs some planning for everything to function efficiently. A low shelf is the perfect place for snacks to be stored and kids can pop in whenever and not be in the way of meal prep. If space allows a drawer cabinet in the pantry, this is a perfect way to keep overflow dishes and loose items from becoming all mixed up. And that tall top shelf is the perfect place to store your bulk items like paper towels or bath tissue.

Having cleaning products close by is essential to quick clean ups, but you don’t really need to shove everything in the cabinet under the sink. Dish detergent, trash bags and a scrubber are perfect under there, the rest can go into a pullout drawer, maybe in the pantry!

On to the layout of the kitchen. Drawers are essential for adding so much storage. The lazy Susan in the corner is long gone, say hello to the corner drawers.

They hold 3 times as much and will not collapse when you pack it too full. Drawers are perfect on either side of the stove to hold pots, pans and large platters. Utensils are in the top 2 drawers and think about having the organizer built in. When drawers are not an option, add the pullout trays to the cabinets. It makes for easy and more efficient storage.

A requirement in a Laura Redd Interiors kitchen is the set up at the sink. The trash must be located on the left or right of the sink with the dishwasher on the opposite side. This allows for the scape-rinse-load format. Perfection when cleaning up. And let’s not forget a special place for our pets. A nook to conceal the food and water is just too cute especially under the stairs.

We can all agree the kitchen is the most important room of the house. Everybody hangs out there because the food and drinks are close by. But if the space is planned correctly your guests will enjoy your kitchen and you will love having them close by.


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