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Designing with a purpose

I am so excited to tell you about an amazing meeting with a really fun client. Helping people put together an amazing home that feels and looks exceptional is why I do this job. They’ve been in their house for about a year and were trying to design their home together. They had made some mistakes and brought me in to help them solve problems and design dilemmas.

When you start to design your home, it’s so important to have a design plan that defines your style and creates the look for your home. Having a design plan is everything when it comes to pulling your house together. This will help you not to make mistakes.

With all the changes from covid, some issues you’re going to have to deal with are stock and availability, styles and design, to what is out there and available. This is where a designer can really help you to pull your look together without looking like everyone else. There’s so much furniture, art and accessories available that you as the consumer, may not know about.

Working with this wonderful couple, I was able to show them ways to set up their home in a new way and add the accents that really made all the difference. Some very simple and easy elements are: knowing how to hang art, how to add color to a room and what kind of lighting will make a room look amazing. This is individual to each design project and when you explore what is available it can create something truly amazing.

So, if you are stuck on a project or a room, reach out to a designer to help you understand your look and how to create the feel you are seeking.

Always know there is more than Wayfair and Overstock to shop at. Not that there's anything wrong with either of those companies, but really the sky's the limit when you get a designer involved in your project.



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