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Elevate your space with easy window projects

I love DIY projects, but they have to be short and sweet for me. That’s why I love using old windows to create a beautiful and easy project.

Where do you find old windows? If you have a Habitat for Humanity store or a building salvage store, start there. You’re helping a great cause and the cost is really low. Also old is better for me and the shapes, styles and sizes are endless. And if you can’t find the size you want, remember you can put a few together to make a great look.

Old windows and doors make a great headboard. I love a window headboard because you can add art, family photos or sayings to really personalize your look.

Depending on what you want to do with the windows you can either remove the glass or leave them in. If you’re not adding art or photos, then it’s typically easiest to carefully remove the glass.

Another great use for old windows is as a room divider. These can be hung from the ceiling and continue to the floor or they can be hung over furniture. I did this in my gazebo to create a look of privacy yet keep things open. I found mine in a friend’s basement. They were taking up space and needed a new home.

One more thought, how about a wall in a shower? I really love this look, but be sure you either treat the wooden parts of the windows, or they aren’t hit by water, otherwise they’ll break down over time.

Just because you’re using old windows does not mean they have to be distressed, they can be painted a color or left to their natural state. It’s truly up to you. This is a material that is readily available and is such a great way to add a small bit of spice to your space.



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