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Fall prep--Siding, windows and weatherstripping

We have had so much rain in North Carolina this summer season! The moss and algae seems to be going strong, and with that the siding on your house and soffit areas may be a bit green also. I took what I call a surveying walk around my house and noticed my siding was covered in green mold. Looking up at my soffits, I noticed they were also very discolored. Now is the perfect time to think about a power washing of your exterior. This will get you ready for fall and let you see if you need to paint before the winter months set in. This is something you can do on your own or hire a professional. Either way it will make your house look great and you’ll be ready for the fall and winter season.

Of course, when you power wash, your windows are going to be cleaned as well. This is a great time to make sure your window screens are clean and free of holes. Be sure to take them off the windows or ask your professional to take them off and give them a good scrubbing. The view will be so much better.Another bonus of power washing -- you’ll be able to check the windows for leaks! This is a great way to check your weather stripping and the seals on and around your windows. If you do discover a leak, it can be corrected by caulking the areas that are allowing water into your home.

Which leads us to the weatherstripping around doors and windows. It’s amazing how all three of these areas link together. Weatherstripping always seems to be something that is left out and not addressed, but really can change how your home feels in the summer and winter. Weatherstripping is found on all exterior windows and doors. Doors especially need to be addressed. I’ve seen some doors that have a quarter inch of space and that means not only air is getting in, but bugs and those little geckos too.

All three of these areas are easy to address and make a big difference in the look and the efficiency of your home. Remember…one thing leads to another and by keeping these simple steps in mind you can make giant steps toward keeping your home beautiful.


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