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Fire Pits and Outdoor Kitchens Go Hand in Hand

Who doesn’t love a good outdoor fire? I am such a fan of a firepit, and there are so many different types, styles, and fashions. This is where your personal preference really comes into play. If you love the fire and not the smoke, a propane firepit is right up your alley. These usually have a glass center, a soft pretty fire, and no smoke. These are great for a gazebo or an open porch. Remember, firepits should never be in an indoor space. EVER! They can be incorporated in many different ways, including in a dining table, which can be a fantastic way to entertain outside.

Another amazing type is a regular firepit with a metal base. However, this uses real wood and that means smoke.

A starter kit or kindling is needed too. Please do not use lighter fluid! Use your childhood camping skills or even look up a tutorial online. A real wood firepit can be large or small, but no matter the size, it should be placed away from the house. They are usually a circle and everyone loves to join.

There is a new player on the scene, called a solo stove. These are made of a thin metal, theyre easy to transport, and the fire conducts in a circular motion. This heats the whole unit, creating a warm toasty feel with low smoke. They are little expensive, but very worth the cost. They even can be taken on a trip and left to cool overnight before packing.

If you are enjoying the firepit, it can also be a great transition to the outdoor kitchen. I love to grill. My father taught me how to a long time ago, and I would even call myself a grilling expert. This is usually the first step into having an outdoor kitchen. Use a grill and see if you like it! I love to grill steak or chicken, and I even grill my turkey every Thanksgiving. An outdoor kitchen really allows the chef to extend themselves, be with the guest and enjoy the outdoors while preparing a great meal.

An outdoor kitchen can add so much to an entertaining space. It will:

1. Increase the value of your home. An outdoor kitchen is considered a lux item, and when added to the home you are creating a lux experience.

2. Create an easy and experimental kitchen. We all love to try new things but may not want the mess. Having a hibachi grill or pizza oven outside can make it easy to try new things!

3. Extend the entertaining and living space. We want our spaces to feel like a room, so taking things to the next level from a grill area to an outdoor kitchen really brings on that feeling. It can make your entertaining space feel so much bigger!

4. Feel safer spending time with others. With COVID and the distractions of always being inside, sharing an outside meal with family and friends is priceless. Creating that outdoor living space is even more essential.

The most popular outdoor kitchen item is…. The pizza oven! It offers lots of options and opportunities to create some something amazing. I grill pizza on my gas grill and love it! I can only imagine what a real pizza oven would be like.

Check out the opportunities for your firepit and bring in the full experience of having an outdoor kitchen. The key part of making a great outdoor space is to tailor it to how you think it’ll be used. It doesn’t have to be huge or grand, because a cozy outdoor space can be enjoyed just as much.



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