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Fireplace Renditions- creative ways to make a fireplace look amazing

I love a roaring fireplace in the winter, making a room feel really cozy and special. But are there other creative ways to use a fireplace in the warmer months? Or if your fireplace does not work anymore, what are the options to give it a second life? Leaving a giant open space in your wall is not a good look for any room inside or out, so let’s explore some creative ways to really make this look great.

We all have seen the birch logs wrapped in raffia and placed in the fireplace, I have seen flowers and greenery added for color and ferns mixed in for an extra touch.

Some other options are filling the space with books, mixing spines and pages to mix up the texture. I love to paint my books all the same color for uniformity, creating a simple elegant look. Another option is to paint the interior a color, it can be bold or neutral. Then when you add the objects to the opening the color becomes an enhancement to whatever is inside.

Another beautiful idea that elevates the look of the fireplace and gives sophistication is to add large objects like wooden balls or long columns of agate. This adds back some of the glamour. Personally, I am so in love with this idea. I saw these beautiful wood carved balls at High Point Furniture Market this spring and they created such a high end feel. I loved this fresh look for a fireplace and it could be used both indoors and out.

If you’re looking to really bring the glamour to the next level, try the agate columns. They have amazing sparkle, dimension and add a chic look to the space.

You could even add candles or fairy lights to give it a glow, or light with interior puck lights.

And here is another thought. If you don’t have a fireplace, but want the feel of one, add a mantle to a wall. Paint the back a color to give depth and place the balls or books or candles in the opening. You can even have the mantle built into the wall to create a true nook giving depth, maybe even add a tile hearth for authenticity. This is going to be determined by your budget, but any of the options create the look and feel without making a big commitment.

Think bigger when designing the look of your fireplace or adding a mantle to a room. If you love antiques keep your eyes open for a reclaimed mantle, give it a fresh coat of paint and a new home. Now have fun with what can go inside!



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