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Flashing, roofs and water…Oh my!

Let’s take the next few weeks to do some exterior looking and checking to get ready for fall. The best place to start is at the top, the roof!

The roof is what covers everything, literally! If your roof is not doing its job keeping the elements out and keeping the heat and cold in, then repairs or replacing may be in order.

First, let’s look at the different types of roofing, shingle, rubber, asphalt, angled, tile, flat and metal. This will get us started.

All these types of roofs are both styles and materials. They need to be used in the right place with the right type. When you mix them in the wrong manner you can get into trouble.

I recently had a friend share with me the events of her almost flat roof. The roof was a rubber roof that had not been looked at in quite a while. A huge storm came through and a small amount of water leaked into the ceiling, but with every storm the stain got larger and the water amounts increased until water was pouring down her stairs and causing a lot of damage. A roofer came out and did a few small patches, but it was quickly revealed that the flashing at the chimney and the rubber seam where it meets the house had failed. This meant a whole new level of repairs to the roof had to be done and then we can begin the repairs on the inside. Taking care of your largest investment is not easy, but well worth it.

Every spring or fall it is important to have your roof checked, the boots that surround your pipes for plumbing ventilation looked at to be sure they are not cracked or allowing rain to leak into your home, and gutters cleaned and checked to be sure they are attached to the facia board.

A great way to take care of these small repairs and checks is to take the time to find your handyman. Look for reliable sources in your city, ask neighbors or family members for a recommendation, and if all else fails, check out Angie’s list. This is a great place to find a reliable handyman. Having someone to call for small repairs, yearly check ups and someone to ask a few questions to, gives you confidence. Invest in this time and finding this person, and you can save yourself a ton of worry.



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