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Flowing through the holidays

As I begin decorating for the holidays for my clients, I see many homes with their Christmas tree going up and the holiday decorations coming out immediately after Halloween. We all joke about the Christmas decorations coming out in July, but when we use so much time to get everything ready, you really want to enjoy it for as long as you can. I personally do love to have Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving-- it just extends the season and brings holiday cheer!

But what do you do with all those pumpkins and fall foliage when it’s time to switch to red and green? The pumpkins can be used well into November and can be incorporated into the look of your Thanksgiving. I love to hollow out a pumpkin and add flowers for my Thanksgiving table. Or if you’re not into the real thing, an artificial pumpkin can be used. Or even a pretty clear glass, frosted or mercury glass pumpkin would be stunning on the table. To hide the stems on faux flowers, add some large leaves or glass beads. These will also help hold the foliage in place.

After Halloween, I switch the warm colors to a softer color palette that will transition to Thanksgiving. I like to blend my table with the china I am using. Think about ways to bring in soft tones as well as fall colors. This will make the transition to Christmas really easy.

As you set up for Turkey Day in the dining room, think about switching out the orange pumpkins for a sparkly glass or white pumpkin with a gold or silver ribbon.

After Thanksgiving, switch out the pumpkins and leaves for evergreens and sparkly branches for the regular holiday fare.

Like I said, I do love having my tree up for Thanksgiving. In fact, did you know that Thanksgiving is becoming a main family holiday? It’s not only a time to share a great meal with loved ones, but also becomes a time to get excited for December holidays, whether that be from planning your Black Friday shopping trip or wrapping your gifts.

Another fun idea is a Christmas wrapping paper swap. We all have tons left every year, bring your paper from last year and do some trading. Another option is to use the paper for Christmas origami. This is not hard and it can create some great family time. Add some popcorn and your favorite wine, and your have the beginnings of a great new tradition.

More and more of my clients have started asking me to put up their tree before Thanksgiving, and then when family gathers everyone gets the chance to decorate the tree and rediscover wonderful ornaments from their childhood. This is the perfect time to share old memories while also creating new ones! This fills the room with joy, warmth and love for everyone to share!

By mixing your holiday décor, you will enjoy the transition from season to season, and not have the burden of trying to get everything out and done at once. Let’s take the stress off and enjoy the holidays this year.



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