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Fluffing for Fall

I know summer is not officially over until September 22nd, but the feel of fall seems to be everywhere. I am so ready for some fresh fall air and the great smell of pumpkin. Bring on the plaid, orange and black. I am not particularly good at transitioning to a new season, I have the tendency to dive right in. But hey, transitioning from one season to another can be a lot of fun! It always gets me excited for what is coming next.

I love looking at all the new colors and styles. But how do you introduce them into a home that is still full of summer? Check out some of the great new metallics that are being used in the fall trends. I love these pumpkins accented with the warm gold and birch logs; this would carry all the way to Thanksgiving.

Hot colors for this fall are mustard, deep sage green and mulberry, and of course terra cotta. There are lots of ways to bring these colors into your space. Look at a throw mingling these colors for a soft pop of fall inspiration, and if you like to be big and bold go for the mustard throw with fall themed pillows to light up your space.

Check out this wonderful tablescape! I love the introduction of fall colors without going all in with pumpkins and plaid.

Popping in a few mums both inside and out adds a great fall feel, as well. Mums are a traditional fall flower so be sure to keep them through thanksgiving. Add a pretty put or wrap in fabric for color in your entry or tablescape.

However you want to bring in your fall -- slow and steady or a sudden rush -- be sure you’re true to yourself and love the feel of your home when you walk in the door.



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