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For the love of yellow

As I’ve been out and about, I’ve noticed the color yellow popping up everywhere. From outdoor furniture, rugs and pillows to indoor rugs, art and accessories. Yellow was not a color that was on the radar as an up and coming trend, but with the dreary feel of winter almost over the sight of yellow is very refreshing.

We love the first sight of a daffodil that pops through the brown grass or when we see them through the snow. Something about yellow after a long winter just refreshes us. Maybe it’s like sunshine in a contained environment.

So, what do we do with yellow in our homes? Yellow is a strong color and carries a lot of weight when it’s used. Look at small amounts when you are getting started, like a pillow or a throw and mix it with another color like gray or taupe to soften the effect. Another way is through kitchen accessories like towels, canisters or mixing bowls.

Accent dishes are another way to bring a pop of yellow to the dinner table, maybe it’s a bowl or a salad plate to add the splash to the table. Be creative and have a little fun!

For the exterior, look at chairs, exterior rugs or pillows. Look to add pots that are yellow or tipped in yellow with a raku finish. Plants are another way to bring in the yellow to your outdoor scape. In this environment you can mix it with just about any color. I love yellow and aqua, yellow and orange and yes, yellow and gray for the outdoors.



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