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Freshen Up for Fall!

The temperatures are changing, and that means FALL! After this crazy hot summer, I know I’m ready for fall, the leaves changing colors, thoughts of soft sweaters, and of course boots!

Great ideas for making your house feel like fall are easy and can be revamped from season to season. I like to start with an urn, a large pot, or a metal bucket. Leaves, hay, or a grape vine wreath can be the base, and you can add berries or hydrangeas for extra fullness and life to the look. Even the soft colors of creams, soft aqua, and green can be used for the fall look.

Think about changing it up a bit by using a bunch of smaller pumpkins mixed with colorful leaves. If you want to add a bit of Halloween inspiration to your look, add some crows or small witches to a black cauldron. I ‘m not a big fan of horror, so that is as scary as I get.

I am a wreath-on-the-door kind of girl. Switching what goes into the wreath and what goes with the container are a fun way to mix things up a bit. I love the velvet pumpkins mixed with big, bold ribbons.

Exaggerated, over-the top decor is so much fun for Halloween and fall. Think BIG as we transition into this wonderful season.



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