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Furnished with Love—Use your Heirlooms!

I love antiques and working with older pieces. These can be furniture from a family member or something you found on a treasure hunt. The history these bring to a room and the fun stories are what add spice to a space. They can also add amazing coziness and comfort to the room.

I recently worked with a client that had inherited family heirloom pieces from relatives that had passed away. The question was what to do with them. They love them and want to keep them, but they don’t know where to put them and how to use them.

My mom recently passed away, and I was gifted her white desk. I loved the piece because we had shopped for it together. We went to auctions together and finally found it! Both the thrill of the hunt and memories of this piece will help me treasure it for all my life. Working with clients that have family pieces they have inherited or reclaimed is one of my favorite types of design work. Family pieces are not just furniture, art, accessories. They can also be china, crystal, light fixtures, and even jewelry.

What are reclaimed pieces? They can be from a yard sale, a flea market, or even from a neighbor’s backyard. These are great pieces to turn into something that represents your personality, making them unique and special in more ways than one.

How to incorporate the old pieces into your home is key to your style success. So, think about what I said— style success. Adding inherited pieces to a room can either make them look out of place or add to a room. If you’re explaining why a piece is in a room, it is a sure sign the addition doesn’t fit with your style success. I visited a client who had inherited many pieces, so many that they lined the walls of the dining room. Each one has a story, but they do not go together and take up space. My advice is to keep your favorites and let the rest go. One more thing, keeping them for your kids is not a good idea. There is a very small chance they will want them.

This is where an interior designer can come in. They have the eye to see how just one statement piece can be incorporated seamlessly into your space, and with their help, you can add your grandmother's table, your father's old cabinet, and any sentimental or vintage piece to your room. This can help you honor your loved ones through their memory, while still keeping your style and making a room the feels just like family and just like home.



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