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Furniture Market 2021- It’s all about the curves

The High Point Furniture Market was so much fun this season and it was wonderful to see amazing new pieces. One of the major things I saw at market was how a sofa is not just a sofa anymore!

Sofas have gone curvy! I loved all the sofas with curved backs, a side that curves, or a cuddle corner. Sofas that curve are all the rage and could be found everywhere at market this year.

The back of a sofa can curve to fit a special space or just to add a curve to a room. With more and more homes following an open floor plan, we often float our furniture in the center of a room. A sofa with a curvy back can add a new look to an otherwise square space. I loved this special curved sofa table that I found at Baker furniture. I could see this being used in so many places.

And the curves are not just limited to sofas, but to end tables, ottomans and lighting…oh my!!! I love the look of the clover top coffee tables, and round poufs in lots of exciting colors.

Accessories are right up the same alley. So many curves in lights, trays and mirrors. So now the big questions, how would you use this new style in your home?

Look for ways to bring more curves into your décor, try to be creative and bold and see what exciting new shapes come into play.


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