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Get Outside with Springfest- O.Henry Magazine

Outdoor living! I love when everything turns green after winter. It gives me hope that I’ve made it through the long dark winter. I know a lot of people love winter, but I need the sunshine! And with sunshine comes outdoor living! Ask yourself what that means to you and your family and friends.

When I design an outdoor living space for a client, I ask them 3 questions.

What kind of space do you have?

How do you live outside?

How do you like to entertain outside?

I recently did a whole presentation on this subject at a Springfest presentation with O’Henry magazine. Please check out the 20 minute presentation, it’s full of tips and ideas on how to get started, how to decide what to do, and how to make it beautiful! It's time to step outside and really enjoy your spring, summer and fall seasons.



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