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Happy New Year! Make it Sparkle.

After the holidays, things can look a little bleak, and the weather can be a bit gray. So, now is the perfect time to add some pops of color to your home. These don’t have to be things that stay forever, but rather bright and colorful accents that give your home a boost.

I love to put bulbs in a pretty container, and blue and yellow are great colors to add to any space. Check out consignment stores for a fun container.

Think bigger than the normal, like a soup tureen that’s a bunny or a quail to hold a bulb grouping. Use an old shoe or a brightly colored rain boot. Be creative and think outside the box!

Front doors are another place to add color. During the holidays, we love how our front door greets us, so keep that spirit going. Look at a boxwood wreath as your base and add your favorite flower or springtime flowers, like forsythia and Lenten roses.

Add a bow if you’re a bow person or a cute little character like a squirrel, chipmunk, or blue bird. Head out to your favorite craft store and see what inspires you!

Three things bring life to a room: plants, candles, and fruit. Look at new houseplants to add fresh green to any room, and even try a grouping on a sunny windowsill, or air plants in a bath are perfect— they love the humidity!

Maybe try hanging a glass ball from the window frame in your kitchen with air plants or succulents.

Candles are another way to make a room feel cozy after a long day, and the scent will help to take the stress off. Try something warm and bright, like a citrus scent, or something fresh and minty to bring a vibrant feel into your space.

Fill a tall container with lemons and add some fern fronds between the layers to really add a pop. Or, if you love coffee and vanilla, place a tall candle in a cylinder-shaped container, pour whole coffee beans around the candle, about ¾ of the way up. When you light the candle the vanilla scent and coffee will fill the room. Try this in your bath for pure lux!

Don’t let the dreary winter days or end of the holiday season bring you down. This is a total time of opportunity! Fill your sights and scents with what inspires you.



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