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How do you decorate for the holidays?

Would you like to live on a street or in a neighborhood that is over-the-top when it comes to Christmas? You know the kind. Tons of lights and music, with tourists coming from miles away to see your amazing show? I think it would be fun, but I feel it would take the whole family to pull it off. 

Decorating for the holidays, for me, is a big thing! I love bringing out decorations from my childhood all the way up to what is fresh and current now. I still have my grandmother's tree that used to sit on top of her television in her living room.

I loved the wonderful shaped glass ornaments and the pinecone skiers. I should try to make those! Anyway, I even have the ornaments I hand sewed with my mom when I was a kid.

But what’s your preference for Christmas tree decor? Would you put a mix and match look on your tree? Do you like a theme? Or a color mix? Or all one color? Let me know on Instagram!

I am seeing such a Hallmark look to the décor this year. To me, that means an over the top look, cute things like a hot cocoa stand, huge blow ups, and candy canes galore!

How do you like to decorate inside for the holidays? I am so enjoying the trend of garlands over the doorways and windows. And lights, so many lights!!! 

Do you decorate more inside or outside? I love the outside lights more than anything and finding the right colors, look and style is the key. I am a big Snoopy fan, and have decided to start an exterior theme I can build on. My plan is to add a few new pieces each year and hopefully in the near future, the display will reflect the theme over time.

Join me on Instagram and tell me all about your favorite holiday decorations and trends. I feel holiday and Christmas decorating is so personal and I’d love to hear how everyone celebrates!



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