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How to choose a shower door

One of the key elements to a bathroom that seems to be taken for granted, is the shower door. The frameless shower door is very popular and pretty much all that you really see anymore, but the options are endless on style, types of glass, and design. Not all shower doors need to be clear glass as to provide style and privacy to a shower.

The shower door is an element that many forget to think about during the design process and just assume the glass will be clear. But an obscured glass, or a wavy glass, allows you to have privacy and create a new look. This is also something to consider when selecting your tile. If you are not into the busyness of tile or need privacy for kids or yourself, this is the place to consider.

A story from my own initial bath remodel years ago is a great example. When I did the bath remodel in my own home, I was raising my two girls in a house that had only one bath. As I was designing the space, I knew I needed to consider multiple people in the vanity area. So, we did a frosted glass on the shower doors to create privacy. This allowed someone to use the shower while someone else was brushing their teeth at the same time. My girls loved it and the space functioned well for us.

Now, to backtrack to the clear glass swing style shower door that has become the most popular. This is always beautiful and great to show off amazing tile work.

Another great option is the sliding barn door style.

These are super special in style and in function. I am a fan of these because they do not have to open up into the bath, leaving more space. This style can be a bit more expensive because the style is new and the look is unique.

Another new option on the shower scene is the black grid style door. I love this look a lot because it is very different and creates a special look. If you have a standard size shower door, you can look at your local home improvement stores for this option. This will help to keep the cost down and the style up.

Next, let’s talk handles. I love to add a double towel bar through the glass to create towel bars on both sides. This allows the door to do double duty. Another fun thing is a hook through the glass to hold your towel. It’s so nice to be able to reach out the door and there’s your towel. Definitely take the time to think through the options and ask questions.

Finally, do not forget the glass protectant. This is a product that is applied at the factory to make the glass repel soap scum. Anytime we can have less cleaning the better! It goes by many names, but if you ask for the Rain X for glass, they will know what you mean.

Making your shower look amazing can be as easy as exploring these different options for the glass and available styles for your door. Like most things involved in design and remodel, don’t be afraid to ask questions!



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