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How to really use all those design shows...

With all of us certainly spending more time at home, the viewing of HGTV and other design inspired shows has people in a frenzy to fix their house. This has been really exciting to see and I love the inspiration that can be found on HGTV, Pinterest and Houzz. But the key to success with all those ideas is making sure you are creating a style that works for you and your family.

The inspiration that can be found from watching design shows is a great way to help you learn and see new styles that can add a new level of design to your space. I’m working with several new clients who were inspired by the shows and excited to revamp their homes. However, that quickly turned to frustration as they learned most of the items were not available or did not come in the fabric types they needed.

Photo from the HGTG 2020 design show house.

Design shows are fantastic to help you see and learn new styles that you may never see anywhere else. In many cases, the popular show becomes the trendsetter for the next year or so. But finding the products after you see them can be tricky. That’s where using your interior designer is the answer to your prayers. I work with 30 furniture vendors and many of mine are based in the USA so products can still be sourced fairly easily. This is becoming incredibly challenging as we continue down the path of covid and we see the effects on product availability.

One great option if the furniture you want is backordered until the middle of 2021, is to recover a sofa or chair that works in your space, but feels outdated. I am doing this with a couple of my clients. The furniture itself is great, but the fabric is worn out. Using a fabric in a fun new pattern or performance, if you have dogs and kids, is a great way to get a fresh look and add longevity to your existing pieces. I love fabric and you can create a great new look that feels fresh and current and has the resiliency we need with everyone living at home.

Look to the design shows for ideas, inspiration, and direction, but be sure to keep your own style in mind. If you need help pulling your ideas together, ask your designer. If you don’t have a designer begin to investigate that option in your area. The guidance they can bring is amazing and many will do a design walk-through to give you ideas for an hourly fee. They can help you learn how to use furniture in new ways and how to introduce design show ideas that are inspired by your style and home. Designers can also help with art and rugs, which can drastically change a space. If you’re not good at mixing styles and sizes of art, creating a gallery wall will be right up their alley.

A pair of fresh eyes is the perfect way to get a fresh look, using what you have to create a fresh feel and reinspire your existing pieces is the perfect way to design in covid.



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