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Inspiration -- Master Bedroom

So, how's it going? With redoing your master bedroom, that is. Staying on track can be really hard and I have learned I can do my client's spaces way easier than my own. I've saved the pictures and looked at wallpaper, even found the bed I really like. Now I'm building my budget to make this all happen.

But in the meantime, I want to share a really great master bedroom that I just finished. We started with a very traditional styled bedroom. A four poster mahogany bed with brocade bedding, dark colored walls and heavy window treatments.

Remember, when this was originally done it was the "cool style" and everyone loved it. Just like right now everyone loves gray, but down the road there's a good chance we'll all be saying, what were we thinking! That's why it is so important to create a space you love and is not driven by trends or what you see in everyone else's home. This will create the longevity you want and the wow factor you are dreaming of.

Check out the fresh new look!

We went from traditional to contemporary with a twist. I love the light colored walls and the soft upholstered headboard. Perfect for reading, watching TV or just being romantic. The bedding is soft and washable, because yes, we do have pets. Check out the way the fabric on the ottomans at the end of the bed, repeats at the top of the bed. The lamps tie back to the branch art over the bed, and gray-blue accent wall ties the look together and pops the color of the headboard.

So keep going! Create the time, space and budget to create a beautiful retreat.



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