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Inspiring the Feeling of Christmas

We are wrapping up the Christmas decorating season, and I wanted to share some ideas. Whether your home is traditional or funky and fun, decorating for the holidays should really make you happy.

Mantles are one of the best ways to show off your “wow” factor. Big and bold or soft and farmhouse, let your style shine.

A fun trend this year was grouping trees. I love mixing small and medium size trees to fill an unusual space. This is also great to do on a front porch.

Kitchens can be a special place for cute decorations. Think about setting up a wine area, a baking nook, and a cooking space. These can all be decked out with special kitchen decorations.

Then we come to the tree! This can be formal, funky, or traditional in style and color.

I love using all kinds of ornaments on my tree! I always have some my kids made and some I have from amazing travels. For me, my tree tells a story, and there is nothing like staring at the tree, enjoying a great glass of wine, and remembering travels, my girls as kids, and thinking about how much fun it all was!

Christmas is a great time to bring old traditions and new ones together, while making new memories with loved ones and remembering the great memories of the past. Having a space that sparkles makes it all the more special, so go out of your way to fill your home with things that make you happy and put you in the holiday spirit.



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